Sprinter lands at El Mirador Shopping

The shop for sportswear's lovers

The activity doesn't stop El Mirador Shopping! On this occasion, we are very happy to be able to announce the name of the last grand opening that adds to the directory of the shopping center. It's Sprinter, the shop for sports and sportswear lovers. In addition to having first brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Fila or Asics, many of the models of these brands are also designed exclusively for Sprinter. Therefore, we are facing a safe bet in terms of quality, design and authenticity of the product.

Sprinter is the meeting place for people who live sports. For those people who get up in the morning, take the children to school, work 8 hours, and return home to put on their shoes and go for a run. For those heroines who take time out of where there is not to go to the gym, and know that good sneakers stylize more the figure than some heels. For all those who choose the comfort at the time of dressing, without sacrificing style. Since opening its first store in 1995 in Valencia, the brand has expanded throughout the country to exceed 100 physical stores. The last one in its doors has been El Mirador Shopping.

We invite you to know in person the store that you will find in the shopping center. For those who already know our facilities, they will know that Sprinter is in the place where SportZone was traditionally located. Without further ado, we wait for you in the new sports fashion store of El Mirador Shopping. The time has come to renovate the wardrobe and bet on sport and casual clothes, without renouncing the style that so characterizes us.