"Green Smoothies" The revolution of green smoothies at Naturalia

The new habit of starting the day ingesting a smoothie of this color

The variants are almost endless, it's a matter of starting to try and find your perfect combination.

Do you dare to try it and tell us?

It was a few years ago when famous Hollywood actresses walked around with green drinks while the rest of the world wondered what those strangely colored glasses would contain, which we later came to know as "green smoothies".

These green smoothies, created by Victoria Boutenko, contain a mixture of green leafy vegetables and fruits with multiple nutritional and health-promoting properties: anti-inflammatory, iron intake, improve blood circulation, help eliminate toxins and even bring benefits for the appearance of the skin In fact, one of these shakes has been baptized as an "illuminating shake" for the improvement in the appearance of our skin after consuming it.

And remember that in La Placita de El Mirador you have a space for juices and smoothies, Naturalia, a healthy rest for your days of shopping.

But what makes these smoothies so beneficial? In addition to the amount ingested, which in a single glass of milkshake can be much greater than that ingested in a salad, the mere fact of crushing causes the release of nutrients that through digestion would pass through our digestive tract.

How to make our own green smoothies? The first thing we need is a good glass blender to undo all the fibers of the green leaves and mix the ingredients well. It is recommended to add to the green leaves (spinach usually) fruits of dense pulp such as bananas, avocados, mango, papaya, melon, apple, pear... besides the contribution in vitamins, these fruits will manage to improve the flavor of the shake. There is also a liquid that helps to homogenize the mixture, coconut water is a good option.

Can you think of any other recipe?

We leave you some recipes, such as the almond milk shake, so you can start to try this healthy habit more and more widespread among lovers of a healthy lifestyle.