The best gifts for Father's Day at El Mirador Shopping!

The inspiration you need to prepare the best gift for Father's Day

We give you some ideas to surprise the most wonderful man in the world with a detail you will never forget. We propose these options although you can find hundreds of other ideas in our center. Point!

The most cutting-edge technology

If your father is a fan of technological gadgets, you can not miss our PepeQMóvil store at El Mirador Shopping. Surprise him with water-resistant products for you to enjoy this summer, such as an aquatic speaker or a wireless headset.

The coolest sunglasses

Sunglasses are the key element, useful and more than essential in the Canary Islands. If those used by the father in question you are going to congratulate are already too outdated and you know that you need a change of look, we recommend you go through our store Sunglass Hut. You will find a wide variety of models adapted to each style.

The most elegant fashion

It never hurts to give away clothes, even more if you do it to a flirtatious person who cares about every detail. We recommend without a doubt the space that Cortefiel has in El Mirador Shopping, where besides finding all the products of the firm, you will discover the exclusive Pedro del Hierro brand in Cortefiel. The polos and blouses with the most summery colors or a good jacket with classic cut.

The most special details

At Natura you always find all those little details that make any celebration a great day. Gifts with messages that each parent can use on a daily basis to remember their children. Choose between a fun apron of the new collection, a cup with inspirational phrase or an assortment of sweets to sweeten every moment, you'll find in Belros.