Beach holidays? 5 looks that will conquer you

If this year your vacation plan includes a beach or pool... It's time to get the latest swimwear news!

At El Mirador Shopping you will find an infinity of proposals with which to triumph in your vacation looks.

A sophisticated beach day

This spring, Oysho is committed to neutral colors and natural fabrics with which, in addition to feeling comfortable, you will be very elegant. We love this proposal as an alternative to the strident colors and the typical floral prints of the summer season.

Maxi dresses

They serve both for a super event and for the beach. The trick is simply in the accessories you use. Find your perfect model at the Zara store in El Mirador Shopping and you will not stop using it during the holidays. Ideal with high heels and maxi earrings for a wedding like flat sandals and straw hat for an afternoon with friends in the pool.

All day in a bikini

At the women'secret store in El Mirador Shopping we discovered your new 'Resort' collection perfect for those occasions when you would spend the entire day in a bathing suit. We love all the variety of garments that offer a same pattern to make as many combinations as we want. Skirts, kimonos, sandals... everything you can imagine to add to your bikini once you get out of the water.

With skirt and super purse

Little more you need to put this week in your suitcase. Take a look at Mango's skirts because you can not avoid getting one. Combine it with your wonderful tops/bikinis and with one of your maxi raffia bags. A 10 look!

Festival look

If yours are the most casual looks, at H&M El Mirador Shopping you will find hundreds of garments with which to create a sugarcane outfit and worthy of any fashion festival. T-shirts with message, bibs to wear over the swimsuit, shorts of all colors...

Brand trend this season with El Mirador Shopping!