At El Mirador Shopping we have everything you need to enjoy the coolest months of the year.

The cold already knocks at our doors. While it is never too late to enjoy the hot hours, it is good that we prepare for the arrival of the next seasons. As always, at El Mirador Shopping we have everything you need to stand...

The shop for sportswear's lovers

The activity doesn't stop El Mirador Shopping! On this occasion, we are very happy to be able to announce the name of the last grand opening that adds to the directory of the shopping center. It's Sprinter, the shop for sports and sportswear lovers. In addition to having first...

torneo solidario minibasket cc el mirador
The organization has delivered the contribution of food collected

Once again El Mirador Shopping Center has collaborated as a promoter of the IV Minibasket Tournament together with the Club Herbalife Gran Canaria. The sporting event, which began last Thursday, April 26, has involved the participation of more than...

The new habit of starting the day ingesting a smoothie of this color

The variants are almost endless, it's a matter of starting to try and find your perfect combination.

Do you dare to try it and tell us?

It was a few years ago when famous Hollywood actresses walked around with green drinks while the rest...

If this year your vacation plan includes a beach or pool... It's time to get the latest swimwear news!

At El Mirador Shopping you will find an infinity of proposals with which to triumph in your vacation looks.

A sophisticated beach day

This spring, Oysho is committed...

The inspiration you need to prepare the best gift for Father's Day

We give you some ideas to surprise the most wonderful man in the world with a detail you will never forget. We propose these options although you can find hundreds of other ideas in our center. Point!

The most cutting-edge technology

If your...